Moons of Madness

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Based on 63 critic reviews
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7 / 10.0
Oct 23, 2019

Even if the puzzle density and technical issues may drive you to madness, this cosmic horror still has something unique to offer.

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7.6 / 10.0
Oct 27, 2019

It may not be as good a cosmic horror as you expect it be but as a space adventure it's quite something.

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60 / 100
Oct 29, 2019

Moons of Madness makes you feel like you're on Mars but fails as a horror game.

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6 / 10.0
Nov 20, 2019

Moons of Madness capitalizes on the Lovecraftian principles that made The Secret World such a great game. Unfortunately, the game play itself can feel tedious, and overly detailed in all the wrong ways.

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Oct 30, 2019

The problem with all puzzle games is that they are almost always a single-play through experience, so that initial run has to be the memorable one. Moons of Madness has some jump scares and other surprises, but its biggest draw might be that it takes Lovecraftian elements into a wholly new environment and replaces combat with exploration, puzzles and a slow-growing sense of confusion and dread.

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8 / 10.0
Nov 12, 2019

I must say I enjoyed Moons of Madness quite a bit and I thought the length time of 6-8 hours was decent for the price. It wasn’t that scary to be honest, and there were times where the game would try and scare you with something, but I didn’t have my view on whatever it was, so would often miss these things. I only realised this when I watched someone else play through the game. The interactions between characters on the radio is really well done, keeps the story interesting and progressive throughout. Moons of Madness was very easy to play, with no real combat and with just the puzzles that really took a little time to complete, but I liked it a lot. My favourite part was the eerie atmosphere of Mars, always fascinates me what could be out their beyond our planet, and to have a little experience of what that could be in game form, it scares me more. As your character Shane at one point during the game says, “Mars sucks”….yes, yes it does Shane. I am awarding Moons of Madness the Thumb Culture Gold Award!

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Oct 28, 2019

Do you enjoy slower-paced, puzzle-driven horror games? Does the phrase “Lovecraftian horror on Mars” get your attention? If either or both of these is true, Moons of Madness is a horror game you shouldn’t miss.

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70 / 100
Nov 21, 2019

Moons of Madness brings us Lovecraftian terror on Mars, a curious combination that works very well, and that will delight fans of the genre. The first-person adventure lacks exploration and is forced to a linearity that will subtract tension from the action, something unhealthy for a horror game. In spite of this we will live some moments of nightmare, a good story, and a very well achieved atmosphere that will invite us to continue until the end.

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8 / 10
Mar 24, 2020

It won’t revolutionise either the horror or walking simulator genre, but it’s a strong entry nonetheless.

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7 / 10.0
Mar 29, 2020

In the end, Moons of Madness was an interesting game that certainly fed my psychological horror hunger. The game was great at building chilling atmospheres that play with the themes of isolation and paranoia, but small changes to some of the game mechanics would have made this game even better.

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