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6 / 10
Sep 1, 2020

While I enjoyed playing Faeria, and will continue to enjoy playing it, the laggy gameplay and required internet connection creates enough friction for me to know that I won't be playing for hours on end. It's a fairly decent game, but with its flaws on Nintendo Switch I don't think it's going to be a classic CCG anytime soon.

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Mar 12, 2017
WTF Is... - Faeria ? video thumbnail
Mar 16, 2017

It's a game of risk, reward and really bad decisions. It's many times more thoughtful than Duelyst, which is always my yardstick for card games. But at the same time it is much less climactic, less explosive, and less creative with its minions and their abilities.

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8.8 / 10.0
Sep 3, 2020

The gameplay of Faeria is top notch, adding a whole new layer of depth to the Collectible Card Game genre in bringing the map itself in as a critical piece of the strategy.

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8 / 10
Apr 3, 2017

Faeria is an interesting and beautiful game that brings new ideas and solutions to a conservative genre. Several controversial issues can play a cruel joke in longer term. However, with a proper attention from developers this game will easily occupy its niche, securing itself a brilliant future and thousands of hours of fascinating battles for fans of card projects.

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9 / 10
Aug 13, 2020

Along with the expected multiplayer modes (ranked and casual battles), Faeria delivers a compulsive, interesting and frankly enormously fun card battle experience. While not the easiest game to explain, it's an impressive teaching tool for itself, but never feels overwrought or tiresome in said education. Of the card games we've enjoyed on Switch, Faeria is easily the highlight of the bunch so far, and it deserves to do well. It's a full-featured package and stands out as an excellent card/board/strategy experience. If you want to play a fantasy card game on Switch, buy this one first.

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8.5 / 10.0
Mar 21, 2017

Faeria is a very interesting project: this surprising card game is the perfect example of the sentence 'easy to learn, hard to master!'

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8 / 10
Sep 8, 2020

Other than a few slight problems I would recommend this to any card game fans out there, it stays true to everything we love about card games while adding its own unique twist.

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9 / 10.0
Aug 17, 2020

Faeria is a thoroughly enjoyable strategic card battler that's consistently fun to play. This multifaceted game feels like one you can play for the next few years and not get weary of it.

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8 / 10.0
Apr 14, 2017

Faeria is a delighful card game, with a board management mechanic that reminds of Settlers of Catan. The work of Abrakam represents the real alternative to the already full selection of card videogames on the market. Highly reccomended.

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