Hello Neighbor

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Kaveh Eskandari
5.5 / 10.0
Jan 27, 2018

Hello Neighbor is a game with gameplay based on luck and irrational puzzles in which success depends on good fortune and unpredictable AI rather than player’s skill. Also, the story is terribly slow and meaningless from start to the final levels. Although the game tries to flaunt the story in concluding parts, due to poor storytelling and immature background, it is still unsuccessful in affecting its players; it makes them happy just because of ease of its extremely boring gameplay! The only notable advantage of Hello Neighbor is its beautiful and unique type of 50s’ graphics. In addition, Hello Neighbor–like Alien: isolation– lacks implemented creativity; the game’s potential is buried beneath a pile of issues which disappoints both critics and players.

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3 / 10.0
Jul 27, 2018

Frustrating in almost everything it tries to do, Hello Neighbor's interesting concept is completely wasted by its execution.

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8.7 / 10.0
Dec 10, 2018

The use of advanced AI is what really makes this game stand out to me. In most cases, it seems this game would have been created and the AI would have been rather dumb. Making beating the levels all that much easier and causing the game to have little to zero replay ability and allow the person to beat the game in a short amount of time. That to me is the defining characteristic of this game. If you enjoy challenging yourself, and with the AI it quite literally could end up you actually challenging yourself, then this game is for you. There isn't the shooting or the great deep narrative just you and the neighbor trying to outwit one another. This game will definitely be one that I continue to play and to replay once beaten to see how fast I can get at each level and how long it takes before the AI really catches on to me.

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0.5 / 10.0
Oct 30, 2018

A game of such insane, inane and asinine design, it's a wonder the game didn't blow raspberries when I started it up.

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4 / 10
Aug 12, 2018

Hello Neighbor could be fun, within the right parameters. The neighbour would hold a lot more terror if his actions carried any weight. The puzzling aspect of switches, hidden doors and traps would be more enjoyable were they staged within an inspiring world or using interesting concepts. But the game fails on all of these points, not holding attention, not really projecting any fear beyond the first few encounters, and the world feels as flat as the polygons used to build it.

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7 / 10.0
Nov 4, 2018

Hello Neighbor is a rather interesting puzzle game with stealth and ‘horror’ mechanics present. This is another game where I’m on the fence when it comes to recommending it. It looks okay but still feels like an Early Access title with its controls and overall presentation. However, I did get enjoyment out of figuring out what I needed to do and pissing off the neighbour by throwing things at his face over, and over again. I think the game may be a bit mild for hardcore fans of the survival horror genre, but also a bit too reliant on stealth and running away for the casual gamer.

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Aug 6, 2018

Other than the portability – which, without tilt aiming, feels like an opportunity wasted – there's no compelling reason to pick the Switch port of Hello Neighbor over any others. Worse still is the feeling you've already seen all the best bits, just like an all-too-revealing movie trailer, but that's an issue with Hello Neighbor on all platforms.

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Dec 16, 2017

Hello Neighbor is like a beautiful bubble from a bubble blower. It has beautiful colors and for a moment, it will enchant you. But like every bubble, even this one pops eventually.

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Jan 2, 2018

Dynamic Pixels seems to have begun with a simple, brilliant concept, but struggled to make a cohesive game out of it. The AI neighbour and skewed environment are both wonderfully executed pieces of game design, but every other aspect of the project is flawed, making for a fundamentally unenjoyable experience. In some languages, "hello" also means "goodbye", and the latter is more apt here; no matter what horrors lay within the basement, they are not worth persevering through the horror of playing this game.

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Dec 8, 2017

While the controls are still iffy, this stealth survival game has seen the world and puzzles polished to a very satisfying shine!

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