The Hong Kong Massacre

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Fair Man

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7.9 / 10.0
Feb 13, 2019

The Hong Kong Massacre is an action movie fan's dream played out in stylish slow-motion.

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7 / 10
Feb 4, 2019

The Hong Kong Massacre is a little janky, but it mostly replicates the wild Hong Kong action cinema that inspired it with aplomb.

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Jan 24, 2019

Overall, The Hong Kong Massacre is a treat. Yes, the game is one-note, focusing entirely on the gunplay. But it’s a really good note!

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6 / 10.0
Jan 29, 2019

There is fun to be had with The Hong Kong Massacre, but I don't believe it lives up to the years of hype following it. With some finer tuning and better balance, this could be a real contender for the Hotline Miami clone crown. As it is, this is an okay time that wears out its welcome well before the end credits start rolling.

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80 / 100
Jan 22, 2019

The Hong Kong Massacre is an intense and gratifying experience that Hotline Miami's fans and lovers will enjoy the most. It has its flaws (low-res videos, difficulty peaks at some points, gameplay repetition...) that draw it from being a must, but VRESKI's first game delivers with strong visuals, rhythm and challenge.

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7.2 / 10.0
Jan 24, 2019

Fun but plain action game in the vein ot Stranglehold x Hotline Miami. There's not enought variety to keep you interested for long, but at least is an intense action game.

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4 / 10
Jan 28, 2019

The Hong Kong Massacre's inspiration is clear, but unfortunately, it doesn't have the gameplay, the personality, or the energy to stand alongside it. The slow-mo shooting can be fun, but with tough enemies and a janky dodge manoeuvre, you'll more often than not be frustrated by death after death. With a little more polish, it could've been an entertaining romp, but as it stands, redeeming qualities are few and far between.

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8.5 / 10.0
Jan 21, 2019

The Hong Kong Massacre is a game that will leave you with vivid memories. The awesome stunts you pulled off, the impossible feats you were able to achieve, and the crazy killing sprees will all stick in your mind. It is a game that perfectly executes on a vision and offers some of the most gratifying few hours you can find in gaming today.

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8 / 10
Jan 27, 2019

The Hong Kong Massacre is a great Hotline Miami clone, which offers a colorful and really exciting action.

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Feb 1, 2019

The Hong Kong Massacre is a classic case of style over substance. The beauty of the title's slow-motion bullet ballet is just a fancy cover for its frustrating, un-evolving gameplay.

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