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Oct 30, 2020

Overall, Lost Ember isn’t a terrible game; it does, however, strive to be profound and ultimately is not quite so. The narrative is ambitious but never strays from the beaten path. Navigation is problematic and leaves players lost when it shouldn’t. Performance is also far from optimized for Switch. While the body swapping and visual design are solid, the former is let down by linear traversal and the latter isn’t enough to make up for the other flaws. Hopefully a patch will come along to tackle some of these problems, but in the meantime consider Lost Ember if you’re willing to put up with a number of different issues.

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90 / 100
Nov 26, 2019

Lost Ember is a wonderful, unique, and unforgettable experience with a love for nature.

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Nov 27, 2019

Too many glitches, too few truly memorable moments, and an overabundance of wombats prevent the game from becoming a truly majestic beast.

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6 / 10
Dec 2, 2019

Lost Ember is a great looking game that provides a number of different ways to play and explore its world. However, there are too many distracting performance issues that need addressing to improve its playability.

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8 / 10
Dec 6, 2019

Lost Ember is an experience that will stick with well past the credit roll.

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9 / 10.0
Dec 16, 2019

An incredibly relaxing experience, with a great story to tell. Exploring the breathtaking environments as adorable animals is consistantly satisfying. The voice acting does detract from some moments, but Lost Ember's charm and beauty is undeniable

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80 / 100
Jan 12, 2020

Lost Ember ties a fun, original gameplay concept to an enjoyable, if a bit unremarkable, story. It will feel too thin for anyone approaching it looking for any amount of challenge, but if you're willing to just enjoy the journey and let the story wash over you, Lost Ember is a singularly enchanting experience.

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8 / 10
Jan 8, 2020

In addition, certain restrictions, such as the level of flight of birds or the inability to explore the towers of a forgotten civilization, cause a slight disappointment. Otherwise, the game from Mooneye is a beautiful meditative adventure in which you can enjoy a unique environment, feel the power of nature and learn the tragic story of two heroes connected by one important secret.

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4 / 10
Dec 9, 2019

Unless you're curious about the narrative, we'd beware of the dog in this case.

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84 / 100
Dec 7, 2019

Lost Ember is defined by its exuberant art style, musical score, and narrative. It tells a simple yet coherent story and gives you just enough at each memory to make you want to press onwards and learn what happens next.

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