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Jan 15, 2019

Tooth and Tail is a fun minimalist take on the real-time-strategy genre, offering a new spin on a solid formula.

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7.8 / 10.0
Oct 15, 2017

Overall, I really enjoyed Tooth and Tail and the anthropomorphic animals with their retro-like aesthetic were whimsical and charming to look at. There is a lot of strategy and fun to be had with the controls never feeling too complicated, even while using a controller.

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80 / 100
Oct 2, 2017

Tooth and Tail is an elegantly simple RTS that's perfect for newcomers or anyone wanting to play on the couch.

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Oct 1, 2017
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7 / 10
Sep 28, 2017

Tooth And Tail charts the midpoint between traditional RTS games and their massively popular mobile counterparts. It's quick and streamlined yet complex and deeply tactical when played competitively. Some fans of the genre will no doubt revel in customising their decks to devour their opponents, but others will find Pocketwatch's approach either too simplistic or not simplistic enough.

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Sep 27, 2017

If I’ve not stressed enough how this is isn’t just another strategy game, it bares worth mentioning Tooth and Tail features split-screen multiplayer, which is a very smart idea for a game such as this. When your play session’s length is entirely determined by how matched you are in your skill level against your opponent I can see that being a really smart way to play against like-minded friends. Sadly I didn’t get the opportunity to try this out, but if it’s anything like the campaign it’ll be one hell of a challenge.

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9 / 10
Sep 26, 2017

PSN Price (PlayStation 4): $19.99

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8 / 10.0
Sep 23, 2017

Tooth and Tail rebuilds the RTS genre with an easily accessible console-friendly design that retains the elements that make RTSs so much fun. Fast-paced gameplay, random maps, and a dark, humorous tale told not just in the campaign, but in the design of each unit. This is a step in the right direction over other bite-sized RTS games.

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8.5 / 10.0
Sep 22, 2017

A beautifully snappy RTS that boasts a great single-player campaign and an endlessly entertaining multiplayer mode, Tooth and Tail is essential for tactical newbies and veterans alike.

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8 / 10
Sep 22, 2017

Tooth and Tail is an exhilarating, minimal RTS set during an animal Civil War in the 1910s. With plenty of gallows humor and a 16-bit Don Bluth aesthetic, it breathes new life into a tired genre.

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