The Curious Expedition Reviews

The Curious Expedition is ranked in the 40th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
Drea Bunce
Top Critic
8 / 10
Apr 14, 2020

Curious Expedition is a multi-faceted game, with many layers and visible inspirations from classic games. The premise is actually very simple, but don't let that fool you – this is a difficult and unforgiving roguelite. If you love travel and history, you will thoroughly enjoy exploring a new world in Curious Expedition.

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7.5 / 10.0
Apr 6, 2020

The Curious Expedition is an enjoyable roguelike with a likeable 19th Century setting, humorous writing and lots of content to explore and discover

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Sep 2, 2016

This is a fantastic game for generating anecdotes, as I found when I first played it way back when, but it’s also an enjoyable challenge.

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68 / 100
Apr 25, 2020

All in all, Curious Expedition was an interesting title.

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8 / 10.0
Mar 29, 2020

Despite its repetitive nature, Curious Expedition is nonetheless a highly accessible and thoughtfully constructed roguelike, where tactics, discovery, decision-making and luck all meld together beautifully into a charming pint-sized adventure.

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Apr 27, 2020

Savvy and patient adventurers will find treasure worth hunting in Curious Expedition, but earning fame and fortune comes a brutal, repetitive price.

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7 / 10
Apr 10, 2020

Curious Expedition is a rewarding and enjoyable roguelite, but it‘s far from a necessary buy.

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8.5 / 10.0
Jun 5, 2018

Thunderful's Curious Expedition is a very fun game. It has a lot of complicated strategic parts you have to think about in order to be successful, but all of them create a learning experience, much like Oregon Trail did for gamers back in the day, that motivates you to keep going.

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7 / 10.0
May 5, 2020

With its focus on a sort of pseudo-19th-Century exploration and adventure, Curious Expedition definitely brings a different take to the roguelike genre than most other games. How enjoyable it feels may come down to how much players enjoy the roguelike genre in general.

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8 / 10.0
Oct 30, 2016

At the end of the day, the infinite replayability of procedurally-generated maps and adventures is limited by the encounters available, and you'll have seen them all in a couple of playthroughs. Still, in that time it's a pretty good laugh, and The Curious Expedition bestows a real sense of adventure and exploration.

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Jun 9, 2020

Despite its flaws, though, Curious Expedition is a fun adventure and a well-crafted experience. With deep gameplay mechanics, lots of characters to choose from, and a high replayability factor, this is worth a look if you like exploration adventures.

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5 / 10.0
Apr 2, 2020

Curious Expedition is a unique experience that fails to live up to its inspirations. Lacking storytelling through areas that could have offered so much was seriously disappointing, as the gameplay loop offers mostly basic management and decision making that doesn't keep you hooked. Repeated playthroughs are hindered by this as well, leaving this one feeling shallow and uninteresting.

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68 / 100
Oct 24, 2016

The Curious Expedition is a disturbing portrait of the colonial mind

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Apr 4, 2020

Its premise may be unique and somewhat rewarding but the way Curious Expedition executes it leaves a lot of room for improvement.

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No Recommendation / Blank
Apr 20, 2020

Will you become enamored with the thrill of exploration, or does Curious Expedition lose its way too often? Read on and find out.

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Oct 5, 2020

It’s the 19th Century in this roguelike expedition simulation game where you will need your wits about you and a strategy to survive perilous expeditions. In Curious Expedition take control of one of history’s most famous characters on a grand quest to the unexplored far reaches of the world. Race around the world against your fellow explorers in a cut-throat competition to gain fame and fortune, all of course in the name of science. Will you strive to raise your reputation by donating your discoveries to the museum or will greed motivate you to sell those discoveries for a fortune?

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7.5 / 10.0
Apr 15, 2020

Curious Expedition presents a simple idea, very well explored and executed. Each player's action, from the moment the expedition leader is chosen, can be decisive for the success or failure of the group, making each game unique, making it last from twenty minutes to two hours. The number of variants along with the procedural mechanics that the game presents, surprises the player every time he starts it, challenging himself to get further and win as many times as he can.

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Aug 12, 2020

An adventure Indy Jones would be proud of. While Curious Expedition may not dress to impress, this game’s the real deal when it comes to a fun experience with replay value. Tough but entertaining, it will scratch the itch for folks who like decision-making dilemmas. Like with any roguelike, you’ll fail often and there’s lots to learn—but that’s exactly where the fun is. I would have been glad to pay more than $15 for it.

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6.5 / 10.0
May 3, 2020

Curious Expedition has some good ideas but most of them don’t quite land thanks to the overly repetitive gameplay that gets boring after a few short runs, as well as its terrible combat system. Hopefully the upcoming sequel can improve on these issues, if it ever comes out.

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Apr 16, 2020

Curious Expedition is a likeable and unique indie game from the group of Roguelikes. Until now I have mainly shredded my way through games like Dead Cells, Rogue Legacy or Binding of Isaac. Curious Expedition offers a welcome change both from the setting as well as the game goal. Despite the charming look Curious Expedition should not be underestimated or taken lightly. Even after several rounds it still happened to me occasionally, despite good preparation, that I maneuvered myself into a corner to such an extent that my premature death became inevitable. Unfortunately, there are, typical for roguelike and due to procedurally generated levels, some parts that even with the best equipment are almost impossible to survive. The fights are also not one of the strengths of the game, but fortunately they don't take up a large part of the game either. With its short playing time of 15-20 minutes per expedition, the game nevertheless lures me to undertake a small expedition again and again. Because of the different characters and the resulting play styles, as well as the challenges and achievements, you shouldn't have to worry about long-term motivation.

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